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How I went from hating my body to accepting and learning to love it

Story of the day: How I went from hating my body to accepting and learning to love it.

I have always been a big promoter of treating your body and mind with kindness, but I didn’t always follow my own advice. About 5 or 6 years ago I was HARD on myself. Really hard.

I was counting calories like nobody’s business, working out too much, and all for the wrong reasons. I was hard on my body and mind.

I had just started shooting boudoir around that time. One shoot after another I *LOVED* everyone’s photos (even though I was noticeably a beginner, I still loved the way everyone else looked.)

After a while, I started noticing a trend: No matter WHAT SIZE OR SHAPE the client was, they ALL mentioned multiple insecurities that they did not like about themselves. And guess what? I NEVER ever noticed those insecurities as “bad” or “ugly.” Not ONCE did I think, “Yeah, she’s right about that one.” Nope. I only ever thought of how BEAUTIFUL each client looked in her photos.

And after every shoot, I’d hear that they also didn’t notice their insecurity in their photos.

After doing it for so long, I realized: WE ARE WAYYY TOO HARD ON OURSELVES. Surprise surprise!? I gradually learned to quit tearing myself down. There is simply no reason to. I learned after seeing beauty in ALL of my clients, that I myself possess that beauty as well.

Moral of the story? QUIT HATING ON YOURSELF. You are WAY too hard on yourself, and it can hold you back on loving life.

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