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Krysten’s Boudoir Session

Krysten won this hair, makeup, and mini boudoir session in an Instagram giveaway we hosted! She was shocked that she won (to say the least!) She came in nervous, as most clients do, but left with a HUGE amount of confidence that she didn’t have before. Here are some of her photos from her shoot! In her mini session, we took over 100 photos!

When she got her gallery back that day, she left me the BEST texts. Seriously, this is what I live for as a Boudoir Photographer.

My favorite thing that she said? “Anna makes you feel so good about yourself and takes the most candid pictures of your insecurities and makes them your favorite part about yourself.”

THIS IS MY GOAL! For you to see past your insecurities, and learn to see your body as beautiful. Every. single. session. all I want for you is to love your body.

If you want to learn a little bit more about how a boudoir experience can help you change your outlook on your body, use the button below to book a free phone consult with me!

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