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Why Boudoir?

Because you’re worth it

Far too often we have negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves and our bodies. It’s time for you to see yourself through someone else’s lens.

A Boudoir Session isn’t like a regular photo session, it is a life-changing experience. You’ll see your amazing body that has carried you through SO much in an entirely different light. You’ll leave the studio with a MAJOR confidence boost and view yourself with a new set of eyes.

Be you, Love you.
All ways. Always.

About Anna Meushaw

Hi, I’m Anna - a wife, mother of two children, and full-time boudoir photographer. I shot my first boudoir session five years ago, and I didn’t know then that it would change mine – and so many other women’s – lives. When I started shooting boudoir, I was a full-time college student destined to get my degree in Biochemistry and make my living as a researcher. I was s o wrong! I felt (and still feel) a surge of joy when a woman whose boudoir photos I’ve shot comes to me and tells me that I’ve changed her life. I quit college so that I could switch to photographing boudoir full-time, and it was absolutely the right decision.

My goal is for you to see your photos and fall in l o v e with yourself and the way that you look. I achieve this by giving you an entire day dedicated to yourself. We start with hair & makeup, then try on outfits, practice poses, and shoot, and by the end of the day we are practically besties! I’ll show you some photos on the back of the camera as we go along so you can see right from the start “HOLY SHIT, THAT’S ME!” 

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