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6 Ways you can practice self care today

A boudoir session can help you appreciate both your body & soul – it helps by showing you all of the ways you are beautiful when you only thought the opposite. Booking a boudoir session is painless, but can be months in the future (aka. why you should book sooner rather than later!)

A lot of times when we think of self care we imagine face masks, spa days, massages, etc. But there are a lot more practical ways we can help show ourselves love everyday. Here are a few ways you can show your body & soul some appreciation today:

  1. DRINK YOUR WATER. Yeah yeah, I know. Duh! BUT IT IS SO VITAL to your mental & physical health. Drink that sh*t! You’ll feel better both mentally and physically, which can help you take on other self-care things!
  2. DECLUTTER YOUR SOCIAL MEIDA. Do you follow someone that consistently makes you compare yourself to them? Do you feel less than? Or do you feel overwhelmed by certain emails (spam or other newsletters)? UNSUBSCRIBE & UNFOLLOW.
  3. DO THE THINGS THAT ARE NAGGING YOU. This one you might need some clarifying. Has there been one task that you’ve been putting off but cannot seem to get out of your mind? It’s almost like things would be more peaceful if you just did it. DO THE THING. Your mind will thank you.
  4. DON’T SAVE YOUR “GOOD” STUFF FOR FANCY DAYS. That expensive perfume, that nice outfit, that new hair product. USE IT TODAY. Why wait for a “fancy” time?
  5. ALLOW YOURSELF TO REST. You are allowed to rest without feeling guilty. Rest is NOT a privilege. It will help you to accomplish so much more (if that’s something you’re worried about!)
  6. BOOK YOUR BOUDOIR SESSION. I know you’ve always wanted to do it, but there’s always been a reason why now is not the time for it. Let me tell you – there is not a perfect time for ANYTHING in life, and your future self will thank you for doing it. I’ll link a button below where you can schedule a free phone consult to see if boudoir is right for you! (I highly recommend making sure your boudoir photographer is a good fit for you!)

Hopefully some of these ideas have sparked some inspiration in you, and you can feel like you made a step forward in taking care of yourself today! A boudoir session can be so helpful in learning to love yourself, so if you haven’t already I *highly* recommend trying one at least once in your life!

Anna Meushaw

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