Text message from a boudoir client who loves her body because of her photos

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Feeling Down? Boudoir Photos Can Lift Your Spirits

Boudoir Can Lift Your Spirits.

This will help you feel better when you’re feeling down and “ugly.” We all have been there – one of those days that you just want to hide your body in sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt because you feel as if you’re not worthy enough to be perceived.

Even I’ve been there! Self-love and acceptance is not a linear journey – there are days where you feel beautiful and accomplished, and then there are days where you feel like you just want to lay in bed and hide from the world and your responsibilities. It ebbs and flows, and that is normal!

But sometimes, it is better to get out of those ruts. What is one of the best ways to perk yourself up on one of those days? Looking back at photos where you feel beautiful. I get messages all the time from past clients who tell me that they were having a bad day, they felt like they were at a bad place with their bodies, but looking back on their boudoir photos helped them to feel better. Your boudoir photos provide a tangible reminder of how strong, beautiful, and radiant you are. They capture you at your most confident so you can look back on them when you need a pick-me-up.

Here’s a text I got just the other week. This was from a past client of mine who was going through a rough time. I was so happy to see that her boudoir photos actually helped her get through it.

Text from woman who had a boudoir photoshoot and feels empowered in their body because of it


But don’t just take her word for it!

Research published in the Body Image Journal revealed that women who had boudoir photos taken reported a 25% reduction in negative thoughts about their bodies. This means that boudoir is helping women appreciate and love their bodies. (P.S. I would say that number is even higher than 25%!)

The reason why boudoir can help you get out of a rut? The everlasting confidence that viewing yourself as beautiful or sexy brings. For some women, seeing their boudoir photos is one of the first times they have felt truly beautiful about their insecurities. It may be the first time she has looked at herself and said, “Hey! I actually love my tummy!” Learning to love (or even just accept) your insecurities can help your self esteem immensely.

Overcoming your insecurities helps you live life on your terms, and not around something that you are constantly worried about. It helps you to wear the bathing suit. The shorts. It helps you to experience life without worrying about a little part of you. And if you feel like sometimes those insecurities peak back into your mind? Easy! Look at your boudoir photos again. You will be reminded of just how beautiful and worthy you are. Worthy of getting out of the rut you are in.

To learn more about how a boudoir experience can help you personally, click this link to schedule a phone consult with me and we will go over your story & all of the details!

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