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Danielle’s Second Boudoir Session

Danielle had her first shoot with us in 2023, and just this year she came back for her second one! She was initially very shy and nervous during her first session, but after seeing her photos and realizing how beautiful she was, she wanted to branch out a little bit and do some that were a bit more *spicy*!

The vibes in her second shoot are definitely different than in her first – in her first we did super natural, bright window light backdrop, all things light! This time, things were a bit darker. Scroll to the end to see a photo comparison from her first shoot to her second!

And here is a comparison of her first shoot to her second! The difference in confidence is SO SO obvious. She came back with a new perspective of herself, and it shows.

The difference is insane, am I right?! Returning clients almost always come back with a whole new outlook on themselves, and I think Danielle is no exception!

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