Boudoir Photo of woman in red lingerie

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Can You Believe This Was Her Very First Boudoir Photoshoot?!

Your very first boudoir photoshoot can be scary. There, I said it!

Most clients that come in for their first boudoir photoshoot are nervous – they are worried that they won’t look good, won’t find anything they want to wear, won’t know how to pose, or won’t like the way they look in their photos. This is normal! It’s not everyday that you strip down in front of an almost-stranger so that they can take photos of you. Not to mention all the pressure you’re putting on your body to look “perfect!”

Meet Amanda. Amanda booked her first boudoir session because she had a rough few years, and wanted to do something just for herself.
She came in to her boudoir shoot feeling nervous – which again, is normal! 

Boudoir Photo of woman in red lingerie

Amanda and I got to know each other while we sat through hair & makeup together (well, she sat through it, and I watched,) and by the end of that I felt like we were life-long friends. I love getting to know all of my clients and what brings them in, and this was no different. We talked about our past experiences, jobs, and exes, and drank mimosas and coffee. When we started shooting, she felt comfortable with me, and didn’t feel “stiff” in her posing.

You can really tell the difference in feeling comfortable with your photographer while posing. I think the fact that Amanda felt comfortable with me allowed her to “let go” a bit in her posing, and gave us TONS of beautiful images that feel real. They don’t just look like pretty posed photos, they look like she is feeling beautiful in her body.

Here are some of my favorite photos that we created during her shoot.

Collage of Boudoir Photo of Woman

Feeling comfortable with your boudoir photographer should help you feel much better about your very first boudoir shoot. 

The best way to get to know your boudoir photographer before booking is with a phone consult! That is how I meet my clients and help them feel comfortable about the process. You can click the link below to schedule a free call with me to make sure we’re a good fit!

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