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Top 3 Nail Salons in Frederick, Maryland

Whether you’re looking to get your nails done for a special event, just because, or maaaaybe for an upcoming boudoir shoot, these nail salons in Frederick, MD should help quick-start your search for the right place!

Nail Salons in Frederick Maryland

Top 3 Nail Salons in Frederick, Maryland

Rose Nails Spa

Rose Nails Spa located at 806 Toll House Avenue in Frederick is widely considered one of the best nail salons in the Frederick area. I’ve been there myself many times, and I have yet to have a negative experience! You can even bring your little one there to get their own pedicure at one of their special kitty cat child chairs (so cute!) It receives numerous rave reviews for being consistently clean, having friendly staff, and providing excellent service. Here are some customer testimonials:

  • “Always clean, always friendly!”
  • “Rose Nails. I’ve tried them all and always go back to Rose Nails. Always clean and always do a great job.”
  • “Rose salon is hands down the cleanest and has the most professional hard working people. Prices are great and their work is excellent.”

Lush Nails Spa

Lush Nails Spa at 190 Thomas Johnson Drive is another top-rated nail salon praised for its relaxing atmosphere, attentive staff, and high-quality services. I know a lot of my boudoir clients have been here and told me they loved the services they received. Customer reviews highlight:

  • “Lush Nails is by far the best nail salon I have ever gone to”
  • “I LOVE Lush Nails, too. Actually, I LOVE the owner, Trang. I followed her from another salon. Her husband, Ty, is really good with the trendy styles (pointed, metallic, etc). Anyway, the salon is small, intimate, relaxing & peaceful.”

Posh Nails & Spa

Next up is Mount Airy’s own Posh Nails & Spa stands out for its cleanliness and skilled technicians. firstly, I’ve been here (but not yet for my nails,) and received help quickly, even on a busy Saturday! But other customers also rave about the attention to detail and quality of work.They are located at 1502 S Main St #103, Mt Airy, MD.  Some testimonials include:

  • “My first time here and loved it! Very clean, everyone is friendly, and really good prices and quality work”
  • “Beautiful spa with exceptional nail artists. I’ve been going to Posh for years and have loved my experience there!”

Nail Salons in Frederick Maryland

Frederick Nail Salons 

Make an appointment to ensure availability, though walk ins are welcome at all of the above nail salons in Frederick, MD. They offer a full range of nail services like manicures, pedicures, gel nails, and more in a relaxing environment with professional staff. If you are looking to get your nails done for your boudoir shoot (they always end up in some shots,) I’d recommend going no earlier than 1.5 weeks before your schedule photoshoot. That way, there isn’t a whole lot of grow out visible in photos!

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