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If You’re Struggling To Love Your Body Then This Is For You

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning and go to get dressed, but you feel nothing looks good on you anymore. Your pants are too tight and don’t sit right anymore, your shirt shows a lot of cleavage and it makes you uncomfortable, and when you bend over it shows your back. Your outfit is out of your comfort zone, but you wear it because you’re trying out a new trend.

You’re putting your makeup on, but notice some pimples starting to form, so you pick at them, only to make them worse. Great. Now you have to cover that up.

Your hair is too thin or too thick, and you’re trying to style it but can’t get it to look the way you envisioned it.

You feel like you’re trying to love yourself, but you just aren’t getting there.

You go to work, or to dinner, or out with friends and you feel like you can’t fully be yourself because of the way you look. You don’t like your teeth so you try not to smile too much. You don’t like the sound of your laugh, so you hold back when something is funny.

This issue is not just about looks. It translates to nearly every other part of your life.

Imagine how much brain space you’d be freeing up by cutting out these negative thoughts. But how?

Boudoir is a sure-fire way to start the process of loving yourself. Seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes, and not your own, helps give you perspective and shows you just how much your thoughts affect your view of your body. Before my own boudoir shoot, I didn’t have much self-confidence in my body. I was exercising, eating right, and doing all the things that you think would make me feel better about myself, however I didn’t feel good about myself at all. After seeing myself in my own Boudoir photos, all of that changed. It really just takes one look at your photos to change all that – my insecurities went out the window!

Sure, it may sound extreme – a photo shoot that’s life changing? But TONS of clients say the same thing about their Boudoir Shoots. Here’s what one client had to say: “I can whole-heartedly say yesterday took so much negativity and pain I thought about myself away. By the end of the shoot I wasn’t worried about the negative thoughts I always have: is my stomach sticking out?! Is my butt looking small?! Can you see my acne scars?! None. All out the window.”

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