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Boudoir Photography – Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m sure you have many questions about a Boudoir Session, so I put together a list of frequently asked questions. Don’t worry if you don’t see your question here. I am always available to answer other questions via e-mail – nothing is too weird to ask! 

Do you share my images? 

I will only post your photos if you allow me to. You can choose to allow me to post all, some, or none of your photos, and I do not care whichever option you choose. Your privacy comes first to me.  

Is Hair & Makeup included? 

Professional hair & makeup is included in your Session Fee. My hair & makeup artists will work with any inspiration you have to give you the exact look you want for your boudoir photos. We get to hangout and drink mimosas while you get your hair & makeup done. It’s my favorite part of the day! 

What do I wear? 

Feel free to bring whatever you’re thinking about wearing for your shoot, but you do not need to bring anything. I have a huge client closet with over 300 pieces of lingerie from you to choose from, ranging in sizes XS-6X. There is something for everyone. All I ask is that you bring at least a nude and black g-string thong to wear under our garments. You don’t have to limit yourself to just lingerie – you can wear jeans, a white t-shirt or tank top, an oversized swear, or button down. The possibilities are endless!  

How much retouching do you do? 

I won’t make you look like a different person, but I will do some skin smoothing, edit out blemishes, bruises, cellulite (if you want me to), bags under the eyes, etc.  

Do you offer digitals? 

Digitals are available for purchase in one of our Collections. This means you’ll get a luxury Boudoir Album, a metal print (can be substituted out for more images in your album,) and digitals. The amount depends on which Collection you purchase. You also get bonuses for purchasing a Collection, such as our shower set, white backdrop set, 12-month Calendar, Polaroids, and more! 

Where is your studio located? 

My studio is located on Main Street in Mount Airy. I’m about an hour from Baltimore, 30 minutes from Frederick, and about an hour from DC. It’s walking distance to multiple restaurants that you can visit while I retouch your photos.  

What products do you offer? 

There are two main products that I offer: one being a Luxury Photo Album, and the other a Folio Box. Each of these products are completely customizable, and made with luxury materials. You’ll be able to choose what cover material you want, what color gilding you want, if you want to add on engraving or a diamond acrylic photo cover, if you want an album box to store it in, and more. I love designing albums, and I have samples of all the materials for you to look through. 

What if I don’t have any modeling experience? 

Absolutely not! I hardly work with models; the women you see on my website are all real women. I will give you full posing guidance from your head to your toes. I won’t let you have the double chin you’re worried about! 

Is it normal to feel nervous? 

It is TOTALLY normal to feel nervous. That means you’re a normal person! We will chat a few times before your session, so you won’t come in a stranger, and we’ll get to know each other even more while we’re in hair and makeup. By the time you leave your session we are BFFS. If you’re feeling nervous, feel free to join my women’s-only Facebook Group to get to know me a little more! 

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