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Meet today’s Boudoir Babe, Ms. R! R has had a boudoir session before, but that was in her 20’s. It was time for an updated shoot! She brought with her tons of awesome outfit options. First, there was the blazer with pink heels and pearls. The pink heels and liner of the blazer matched her lip color […]

Boudoir photoshoot of woman in blazer and heels

Ms. R’s Boudoir Shoot

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It is hard to find the perfect bra. Bands, measurements, and cup sizes can all be daunting to try and figure out on your own, especially if you are larger-chested. It’s no secret that a specialty bra shop can help give more accurate measurements than, say, Victoria’s Secret. Here are a few Specialty Bra Shops in Maryland that […]

Woman Wearing bra

Best Specialty Bra Shops in Maryland

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  Sometimes, we want to try out a new beauty or self-care trend, and we don’t know where to start. That’s how I felt about Botox when I first went out of my way to search for a good injector in Frederick. I sifted through pages and pages of reviews, websites, and Facebook Posts. There […]

Best Botox in Frederick MD

Best Botox in Frederick, MD

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Top Eyelash Studios in Frederick, Maryland   Lash extensions are becoming more and more popular, and they’re perfect for if you’re expecting a special event, wedding, or photoshoot session (They will stand out nicely in your boudoir photos ^!) Frederick, Maryland is home to several excellent eyelash extension studios that offer high-quality services and great […]

boudoir photo of woman on floor

Top Lash Studios in Frederick, Maryland

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Whether you’re looking to get your nails done for a special event, just because, or maaaaybe for an upcoming boudoir shoot, these nail salons in Frederick, MD should help quick-start your search for the right place! Top 3 Nail Salons in Frederick, Maryland Rose Nails Spa Rose Nails Spa located at 806 Toll House Avenue in Frederick […]

Photo of woman's boudoir session with nails nicely done up close

Top 3 Nail Salons in Frederick, Maryland

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Your very first boudoir photoshoot can be scary. There, I said it! Most clients that come in for their first boudoir photoshoot are nervous – they are worried that they won’t look good, won’t find anything they want to wear, won’t know how to pose, or won’t like the way they look in their photos. This […]

Boudoir Photo of woman in red lingerie

Can You Believe This Was Her Very First Boudoir Photoshoot?!

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Top 3 Spray Tan Artists in Frederick, MD If you’re looking for a flawless, natural-looking spray tan in Frederick, Maryland, you’re in luck. The Frederick area is home to several talented spray tan artists who can give you a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects of UV exposure. Here are the top 3 spray […]

photos of spray tans on different women

Top 3 Spray Tan Artists in Frederick, MD

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Boudoir Can Lift Your Spirits. This will help you feel better when you’re feeling down and “ugly.” We all have been there – one of those days that you just want to hide your body in sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt because you feel as if you’re not worthy enough to be perceived. Even I’ve […]

Text message from a boudoir client who loves her body because of her photos

Feeling Down? Boudoir Photos Can Lift Your Spirits

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Danielle had her first shoot with us in 2023, and just this year she came back for her second one! She was initially very shy and nervous during her first session, but after seeing her photos and realizing how beautiful she was, she wanted to branch out a little bit and do some that were […]

Danielle’s Second Boudoir Session

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As a boudoir photographer, I have had the privilege of witnessing the transformative power of self-love firsthand. When you embrace and celebrate your unique beauty, it not only shines through in your boudoir photos but also radiates into other aspects of your life. Loving yourself is not just about liking the way you look; it’s […]

Embrace Your Beauty, Embrace Your Power