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Why This Client Has Booked SEVEN Boudoir Shoots

This photo is from her most recent shoot.

Seven Boudoir Shoots!?

You heard me right – my client and friend Ayita has booked a total of SEVEN boudoir shoots over the years. She was actually one of my very first boudoir clients, and she has trusted me since then to photograph her every year since; sometimes twice a year! I wanted her to share her story about why she does a boudoir shoot every year, and she allowed me to post her story.

Ayita’s First Boudoir Shoot (2014) VS. This year’s (2022)

Ayita’s Story

Booking my first boudoir shoot was a very spur-of-the-moment thing for me. I saw that Anna was looking for someone to fill an opening for a Boudoir Session, and I jumped on the opportunity before my brain could intervene (surely, it would’ve given me a million and one excuses as to why I shouldn’t do it.) I am so glad I took the plunge.

I went in to the shoot with zero expectations. I wasn’t super confident in the way I looked, I was starting my period that day so I felt pretty crappy, and I just didn’t know how I’d compare to all the women who looked flawless in the Pinterest photos I had looked at the night before.

I had brought with me a few pieces of lingerie that I had owned for literal years. I wasn’t very excited about any of them, but this was a last-minute shoot and I hadn’t had time to buy anything new. Anna told me not to worry, because she had a ton of lingerie for her clients to use. I was convinced that she wouldn’t have something I’d like, because I’m picky when it comes to clothes for my body type, but I ended up using two of her pieces and just one of mine!

This photo was from her second Boudoir Shoot

Then it came time to pose. I remember telling Anna, “I know nothing about being sexy, so you’re going to have to tell me what to do.” She showed me the poses herself, making sure to tell me different things I could do with my hands and face (important!)

I got my photos back the same day. I was so nervous to open the email with the gallery, because my mind was racing with thoughts of “What if..”

“What if you can see my cellulite?” “What if I have a double chin?” “What if my stretch marks are showing?” “What if my stomach looks big?” The what ifs were endless.

But guess what? None of those things were true. And even if I did have cellulite or stretch marks, I realized that it wouldn’t have mattered. I was able to see myself in a way I hadn’t seen before – it was like I looked through the eyes of someone else, and I saw myself as beautiful and sexy for the first time. After that feeling, I was hooked. I knew this was something I could do whenever I felt down about myself or my body.

Fast forward seven years, I have now done seven boudoir shoots with Anna. I try to do one a year, that way I can document my body and its changes throughout my life. I even had TWO done while I was pregnant with my two children! That was truly eye-opening. I had rough pregnancies, and I definitely did not think I was beautiful when I was swollen and sick. But looking back on the maternity boudoir photos I have, I see that I was beautiful and sexy, even while carrying a baby.

Left – First Maternity Session (with first child). Right – Second Maternity Session (With second child)

I now know what Anna means when she says that every woman should experience this. I second that advice, and I’d even add on “MULTIPLE TIMES!” to that advice, because each shoot is just as exciting and eye-opening as the first one.

Fifth (I think?) Boudoir Shoot

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