Fouding story - why I only shoot boudoir.

I have been a photographer for about six years now. I wasn't always a boudoir-exclusive photographer; I dabbled in families, newborns, couples, and weddings as well. I had my first boudoir session when I reached out to one of my friends. I wanted to "try something out," I told her. I had no clue that this would be my entire life in the coming years.

After I posted my first boudoir shoot, I had more and more women who wanted to try one out. And without fail, the reaction to their photos each time was one with overwhelming excitement and a surge of confidence. It was more than just a, "I love them, thanks!" Women were texting me paragraphs about how they'd never loved their bodies so much, and that they've never felt so confident before. I really enjoyed the company of the women I photographed. It was like hanging out with friends, except they were in lingerie and I was taking their photos. It was way more fun and meaningful to me, knowing what they'd be feeling once they saw their photos.

I decided to delve knee-deep into boudoir photography. I felt like these women deserved a whole day of pampering with someone who lives, eats, and breathes body positivity & neutrality, because the feeling they get when they look at their photos for the first time DESERVED a whole day of prepping and pampering. I knew the feeling of seeing yourself in this light deserved the feeling of pampering to go along with it.

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